New York & New Jersey Adoption Lawyers

Rosin Steinhagen Mendel, PLLC’s adoption practice includes domestic private-placement / independent adoptions, private agency adoptions, foster care adoptions, interstate adoptions, stepparent and second parent adoptions, adult adoptions, re-adoptions and registration of foreign adoption decrees.  Our firm represents birth parents in adoption matters and in custody and guardianship proceedings, and assists in the unsealing of adoption records.

  • Pre-Certification
  • Domestic Private-Placement / Independent Adoptions
  • Domestic Agency Adoptions
  • Interstate Adoptions
  • Foster Care Adoptions
  • Stepparent Adoptions
  • Second Parent Adoptions
  • Adult Adoptions
  • Re-adoptions
  • Registration of Foreign Adoption Decrees and Name Changes
  • Birth Parent Representation
  • Unsealing of Adoption Records

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